The Seminary of Christ the King is owned and operated by the Benedictine Monks of Westminster Abbey, Mission, British Columbia, Canada.The Benedictines have run the Seminary of Christ the King since 1939 when they took over its operation in Ladner B.C. They then moved the monastic and seminary communities to Dear Lake in New Westminster (now part of Burnaby) in 1940 and finally to Mission in 1954.
The monks operate the Minor (High School) and Major (College/Theology) Seminaries, and have a large farm and guesthouse.

Study and teaching have a special place - the monks conduct the Seminary of Christ the King, which is both a high school and a degree-granting arts and theological college where students prepare for the priesthood.

"Seek peace and pursue it." Prologue
"Let us travel along his ways under the guidance of the Gospel." Prologue
"In the first place to love the Lord God with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole strength, then our neighbour as ourselves." RB 4
"Let us therefore think well how we ought to behave under the eyes of God and his angels, and so stand to sing the psalms that our mind may be in harmony with our voice." RB 19
"Let nothing be preferred to the worship of God." RB 43
"Then are they truly monks when they live by the labour of their hands, as did our fathers and the Apostles." RB 48
"Let him (the abbot) so temper all things that the strong may have something to strive after, and the weak nothing at which to take alarm." RB 64
"Let them cherish mutual love chastely as brothers. Let them fear God lovingly. Let them love their abbot with sincere and humble charity. Let them put absolutely nothing before Christ, and may he bring us all together to life eternal." RB 72