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We are a community of men trying to search for and follow God's will for us. The Seminary of Christ the King offers High School grades 8 through 12, as well as College and Theology programs.

Aim: The goal of the Seminary Program is to form spiritual men who are well prepared for the ministerial priesthood and able to adjust to the changing needs of the Church. The Seminary of Christ the King in its Secondary School, Arts, and Theology departments gives special attention to character and spiritual formation centered on the liturgy and builds on foundations of faith and reverence laid primarily in a Christian family. The Seminary is convinced of the advantage of maturing within a community of like-minded students and of pursuing priesthood studies in a setting where Church seasons and feasts help to make real the mysteries of the faith and create a supportive environment for academic life.

A Brief History: The Seminary of Christ the King was founded in 1931 by Archbishop William M. Duke of Vancouver. In 1939, with the approval of the Holy See, the Archbishop entrusted the Seminary to Benedictine monks as a training center for both diocesan and religious priesthood students. In 1951 the Seminary opened the Faculty of Theology. The Monastery was raised to abbatial status in 1953 under the title Westminster Abbey. In 1966, through its own University Charter, the Seminary was empowered to grant the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as degrees in Theology.

Seminary Academic Calender 2015-2017 is available here. (PDF)